Monday, October 20, 2008

Off topic

I'm sure everyone who reads us knows about the "Michelle Obama called a fake African news agency no one has ever heard of to complain about their coverage of him" story going around the right blogosphere by now. (Roy covers it in his latest piece for the Voice if you haven't heard it yet.) It's beautiful to see how many wingnuts are so desperate they'll believe anything, and it leads me to ask myself how I can get in on this action. We've got two weeks left to really fuck with their minds, and it'd be a shame to let that chance go to waste. The people behind the API now have a lifetime supply of lulz stockpiled, thanks to a great idea and a well executed plan.
I want Corsi and PUMAtards emailing me begging for help, too. Don't you?
The challenge is finding the right idea, one good enough to be worth actual effort. Maybe a new witness to Larry Sinclair's "Obama smoked crack and had hte gay buttsecks with me" story. Maybe a claim that Biden was in on the Congressional aides scandal and has a thing for 15 year old boys. Maybe Obama had an affair with Barney Frank. Let's have some ideas.

Moar randomness:

The face of PUMA.

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