Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marathon shorters

this will be a long batch.

How dare he point out my error?:

The title is meant to be sarcastic, and not about her.
I know.

McCain worker "victim" of self-hatred:

Is AFAIK some sort of organization that tracks faked bizarre mugging stories nationwide? Megan wouldn't lower The Atlantic with chat speak, of course.

The pain spreads:

We may be headed for the first truly global recession.
We also might invade Iraq.
She's only going to acknowledge the recession when it impacts her personally.

LIRR goes on disability:
But then, I doubt the government will go after [LIRR workers using disability as early retirement]. They'll get the doctors, the officials, the consultants, but the people who actually committed the fraud? Time consuming and unpopular.
But don't blame any bankers. We failed them.

Kindle forever . . . :

I'll admit the Kindle is starting to sound interesting, but how tone deaf is it to sing the praises of a $359 piece of plastic that requires you to spend ten bucks more per book? Y'know what's a lot smaller than the Kindle, free, and doesn't require recharging? A library card.

America grows closer:
Recessions are bad for everyone, but they're worse for the wealthy, at least in some sense. The wealthy have more assets to lose, and their income is more dependent on volatile sources like bonuses and stock options.
And here we have yet another entry in the dumbest fucking things ever said contest from Megan. Having to sell your 3rd home in Boca is totally like being evicted and moving to your Mom's couch. It's possible Megan was paid more than the hourly minimum wage just for writing those two sentences. It's a good thing the only audience she's really writing for is David Bradley.

Be kind to chickens week:

Susan covered this well. I'd just like to add that "impecunious students" don't have to pay rent, or at least not the kind Megan was.

Persecute or prosecute?:
Mark Kleiman is angry because I accused him of wanting to prosecute the people who exposed the hole in Obama's credit card system.
I am happy to say that I was incorrect, but this seems to me like a distinction without a difference.
So if, say, Nixon had turned up evidence of massive fraud by Democrats as a result of the Watergate break-in, it'd be all good.
Also note that Megan was right, despite being wrong.

Thought for the day:

Surprisingly, Megan's thoughts involve herself. How do non-baby boomers manage to be this narcissistic?

Update from the swing voter:

Since Megan is the center of the universe it would behoove us plebs to closely watch the comings and goings of the galaxies closest to her. We may gain insight into her inscrutable genius from their variations.

Braking the banks:

Just because it's clear Greenspan, Gramm, and Megan were wrong now doesn't mean they weren't still right then. And remember, don't ever blame a banker.

Phew. All caught up. The Peggy Noonan non-narcissistic mask seems to be slipping. Megan may complete her Althousian trajectory yet.


clever pseudonym said...

That "recessions are hardest on the wealthy" remark definitely takes the cake as Megan's dumbest remark. Sure, they have more to lose. Imagine the horrors of Megan having to give up her iPhone and Tivo2008 and Wii and Mini Cooper. If this keeps up, she might not be able to afford to shop at Banana Republic anymore. Where do the rubes get off complaining about the prices of food and keeping the heat up so their kids don't freeze to death when there are people forced to sell their Rolexes and yachts?

Anonymous said...

That "recessions are hardest on the wealthy" remark definitely takes the cake as Megan's dumbest remark.

Dumbest and most revealing. This is who Megan is: A privileged, pseudo-libertarian, weak-minded Republican.