Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shoulda Been a Sports Commentator

Ezra Klein is making sense:

And while a week ago, I would've given Ohio to McCain, the economic crisis has cemented Obama's leads in a lot of traditionalist Midwestern states that McCain could otherwise have contested (...) The map is shrinking for McCain. But polls are coming out in places like North Carolina and Indiana that suggest Obama is surprisingly viable. So his map is expanding. And he has more money. That, fundamentally, is the position you want to be in right now.
Yes, my son, a shrinking map for McCain surprisingly corresponds to an expanding map for Obama. However, it isn't that McCain is losing in Midwestern states while Obama is winning in Southern states. In reality, McCain is losing Southern states while Obama is winning in the Midwest. The conclusion that winning states is good for Obama is completely sound, though you may want to provide more evidence for the true skeptics.

I'm so glad there are people being paid to tell me these things. And I love how good at writing they are.

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spencer said...

Hey now, one of these days Ezra's gonna be the next Kevin Drum! You'll see!