Thursday, October 2, 2008

Megan decided to work a little today

yay us. In reverse order.

Media bias?:

Soledad O'Brien polls the 32 "persuadables" by asking them to indicate, by a show of hands, who they thought won. She calls the vote for Biden "overwhelming". The magic of Tivo allows us to freeze frame and count: 11 or 12 for Palin, 12 or 13 for Biden (some people are hard to see). Thanks, Soledad, for giving credence to everyone who thinks women are bad at Math.
Megan? Only you made that connection.

Three . . . two . . . one . . . . liveblog:

Oh, fuck.
9:18 Joe Biden is moving into full throated contempt mode. The look on his face when Sarah Palin talked about being a member of the middle class all her life was one of the most condescending things I've ever seen, and he starts off his rebuttal with a fairly snotty-sounding "I don't even know where to start". I suspect this was a bad mistake.
Sarah Palin is not middle class. It sounds like she comes from the middle class, but she isn't feeling this crisis personally the way the real Joe Six Pack alcoholic wife beating douchebags are. (I know, many better people than me are suffering from this wave of problems, I just couldn't help myself.)
9:22 Gwen Ifill asks, as Lehrer did of the presidential candidates, what plans the candidates are prepared to give up on in order to finance the current problem fixes. Joe Biden's answer: we might have to slow down on doubling foreign aid. Are the American people really prepared for this kind of fiscal sacrifice, Senator? Oh, also, cutting wasteful spending! We're saved!
Whereas Palin effectively answered "nothing". No top notch, creative and witty sarcasm for that answer, Megan? We're saved!
9:38 Joe Biden just claimed that the right of same sex partners to visit their partners in a hospital is in the constitution. I'm all for gay marriage and all, but I'm pretty sure that the Founding Fathers didn't put that in there, or even intend to.
Is it [sic] not to capitalize the Constitution? Especially when you capitalize Founding Fathers in the next sentence? Any English majors around?
9:45 The incestuous nature of this race is causing problems for everyone. Joe Biden has to deal with the fact that he and Obama are from opposite wings of their party, and hence have fired a bunch of pot shots at each other--I'm reminded of the line about Lloyd Bentsen (Mondale's Dukakis' VP [oops, was watching the old Ferraro-Bush debates this morning and appear to have Mondale on the mind], for the young or forgetful), that he was only in the Democratic party to keep the Republicans from being embarassed by his ties to big business. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has to bash Obama on votes that McCain supported. It's like watching an election for president of my grandmother's DAR chapter.
Holy shit.
Megan corrected herself. Also, what?
10:00 Joe Biden: "John McCain voted against the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that every Republican supported". I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think the math is off somewhere . . .
Wow, he forgot a word, and it's still obvious what he meant. Boys must be bad at math.
10:12 Joe Biden says, in re economic problems, "All you have to do is walk into Home Depot with me, where I spend a lot of time . . . " Me Big Man! Me Like Big Power tools! Did I mention I have some REALLY big tools?
I thought that was Joe Biden I saw regrouting the Capital Hill masonry last week . . .
10:26 After this election, I am going to have to hit myself in the head with a small hammer to get the monotonous thrum of the word "maverick" out of my head.
Oh please oh please oh please oh please.
10:30 After running ahead for most of the debate, the Sarah Palin has now fallen narrowly behidn on most of the analyst scoring. Suspect last impressions are most important. I sure can't remember what we were talking about an hour ago.
Or be bothered to scroll down my own post.

And that, folks, is her final word on the debate for the night.
That's quality analysis. I iz learned muchly.

*- I know I used it before, but it remains perfect.


Susan of Texas said...

If there's only one constitution in the world, Megan's grammar is fine.

What a freakin' surprise that Megan should side with the Republicans. I *never* would have seen that coming. Miss Knowledge-Is-Superiority thinks Palin would be better than Biden.

I thought "Fargo" comparisons would be inappropriate until I heard Palin speak and listened to what she had to say. Although the woman cop in the movie's a lot smarter.

Chad said...

(some people are hard to see).

So, uh, it is entirely possible that the majority really were for Biden?

Jesus, Megan, we don't expect you to be honest, but at least be enough of a writer not to include the one detail that tears your observation up into confetti.

spencer said...

Not only did she fail to capitalize "Constitution," but for some reason she thought that the word "math" merits a capital 'M.'

Back when I was editing software manuals, random capitalization was my single-biggest Pet Peeve. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

*- I know I used it before, but it remains perfect.

It certainly does. Now and forevermore.

clever pseudonym said...

"Palin has now fallen narrowly behidn."

Megan, the world is not waiting with baited breath so desperately for your sarcastic comments about the debate that you don't have time to edit your bloody work. Lives will not be lost, people will not plunge into depression, nothing about the world will change, with the exception of your devoted fanboys having to find something else to wank off to in the meantime.

"...seem to think she's trying to bs the final exam."

"bs"? Crickey, woman, you are writing for the Atlantic Monthly! "Bs" is a casual conversation "word," not something you publish professionally. God, she really, really sucks.