Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Apparently Hereditary

This item's been covered, but there was a little something that was missed.

[D]ue to apparently hereditary stupidity, the entire McArdle clan missed the deadline for transferring their voter registration to DC, and therefore will not actually be voting in the election.
Besides the obvious, does this mean that Megan somehow moved her mother as well as her sister to D. C.? And that all three of them are, for politeness' sake, a bit scatter-brained?

Or is this passive-aggressive behavior? "Oh, I'm sort of for Obama and sort of against McCain, but as far as actually voting, well..."

brad answers:

It's laziness squared. All they'd have to do to would be come up to NYC on election day and vote where they are still registered.


Flautus said...

All she talks about is who she's voting for and who her idiot mother is voting for--and then none of them votes. Maybe Megan's going all Waiting for Godot on us or something, because otherwise it makes no fucking sense. Doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Megan inherited her stupidity--and has spent her entire adult life trying to increase the size of that inheritance.


clever pseudonym said...

Little Miss Megan, she who is bored by the prosaic opinions of your average voter because of her superior knowledge and intelligence, didn't even take the 45 seconds required to register to vote when she moved. At least she admitted she's stupid. That's half the struggle.

clever pseudonym said...

I peeked in the comments for Megan's post and someone brought up the fact that she had mentioned that she registered as a Democrat at one point. A quick search of her site turned this up.

"I've been questioning a lot of things Jay, which is why I registered as a Democrat last Friday."

Megan, October 6, 2008 6:05 PM.

So, on top of being a pretentious, under-qualified hack, she's also a blatant liar.

Susan of Texas said...

It appears the rumor of Megan's ability to make a decision was greatly exaggerated.