Friday, July 31, 2009

About Sully

pardon me.

To read the comments at several blogs lately delving into the awfulness of Megan's work is to see many people expressing bewilderment that Andrew Sullivan frequently links to her. There's two obvious reasons. First, they work together and she's a huge ass kiss, so he's defending a friend against the rising tide of criticism she's facing.
And, probably more importantly; he's contractually obliged to do so.
Credit to Susan for finding that.

Oh yes, plus he's, at heart, a self indulgent and sloppy thinker and thus easily comforted by Megan's blizzards of strawbabies and false claims of fact.


Susan of Texas said...

Sully will always be the guy who picked his seat on the Bill Mahr show, bless his racist little heart.

bulbul said...

I didn't really know what to think of Sully until that one Friday last year when Maher had him on together with Naomi Klein. Naomi made an eloquent point about disaster capitalism and socialism for the rich. And what does Sully counter with? Ideal capitalism, "republicans are no conservatives", "free market is teh bestest evah" and the coup de grace, "Go read Adam Smith". Bleh.

Anonymous said...

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