Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Then Bill of What's?

I think Megan is trying to out liberal the liberals here, or something. I don't fucking know. She's just free associating as far as I can tell.

In a recession, the problem most people and organizations face is too little money. But clearly, that's not the case with the ACLU, which apparently has ample time and money to sue to prevent a charter school from unconstitutionally promoting Islam.
The ACLU litigating a case about religious promotion by the government. Jeez, they must be loaded to get involved with a case that relates to their core principles and widely affects lots of people. Crazy times. (Whattaredaodds that the ACLU got involved in this case before the recession. I'd say higher than "1.")
In a way, this is very good to hear, because it makes it easy to direct my giving to organizations with more urgent needs.
Uhhh, is Megan actually trying to get us to believe that she ever gave money to the ACLU? 'Cause I don't usually donate money to people that I whimsically pontificate annoying for fun.
After my much-regretted decision to vote for George W. Bush in 2004, I've kind of been sitting on the political sidelines. I'm pretty sure I'll hate whoever gets elected. Rudy might be funny just to see the ACLU get all misty and nostalgic about the current administration
That's just me, though.
On the other hand, what the hell is wrong with the leadership at the ACLU? In theory, for all I know, it unconstitutionally promotes religion.
Anyone who can tell me what "it" is wins a years tuition to the religious school of their choice. Also, in theory it's unconstitutional, but who cares about that little thing?
The establishment clause was supposed to prevent a minority from being oppressed by a majority, not to prevent a minority from oppressing itself.
Yeah, that's why it says right there in the constitution separation of church and state only the biggest religion in the country should be excluded from public education.

OK, wait, no, this one requires more time than that. I know I asked this two posts ago, but, seriously, HOW CAN SHE BE THIS FUCKING STOOPID??? "Separation of church and state" is like, the second fucking political thing we're taught after the Pledge of Allegiance. How can you be so fucking dumb as to add imaginary qualifying language like "the church that has the most influence?" How can you be so historically ignorant. She fucking blogs about politics when she's clueless about the meaning of what is commonly regarded as America's CENTRAL FUCKING TENET OF GOVERNING PHILOSOPHY. Who the fuck reads her shit and decides NOT to fire Megan? How can such a person exist? What's next, is she going to claim that right to bear arms means she can wear a fucking tank top? Where the fuck did she come from? She has to be a joke. This blog is actually the biggest sucker in the planet, falling for what is obviously an elaborate parody. She's not real. She's dumber than a random sentence generator. It would take her longer than a million monkeys at a million type writers to generate anything close to a coherent thought. WTF!!!! How is the earth that I live on?! How are there people whose DNA is essentially identical to mine and yet can barely figure out how to fucking fall down? This is like not knowing who fucking Obama is! For fuck's sake! WTF!?!?!? I can't take this shit anymore. The fuse on my head is just about up.
I admire a huge amount of the work that the ACLU does on issues like habeas corpus and wiretapping.
Oh shit.

<Head Explodes>
Why, then, do they so often seem intent on turning the organization into the highbrow edition of Stuff White People Like?


Dillon said...

Love the rant, but I think you meant to say "central TENET of governing philosophy".

NutellaonToast said...

fuck, I always make that mistake.

shane said...

In practice, what important freedoms are being violated?

The freedom not to have one's tax dollars used to promote religion. You would think that a libertarian, who hates 98% of all govt spending, would at least understand this argument, even if she disagrees with it in this particular instance.

Stuff White People Like

I didn't get this part. Do white people like these kinds of lawsuits because they don't like Muslims, or by "white people" does she mean "snooty, elitist East coast atheist liberals"? Because I wouldn't be surprised that if a case like this went up to the Supreme Court that many white Christian groups would file briefs in favor of the Muslims.

Finally, if Megan votes based on what groups that candidate will piss off, maybe it's better that she can't remember to register in the first place.

clever pseudonym said...

Somewhere in Megan's closet, she's got a stash of photographs of David Bradley engaging in compromising behavior. It's the only explanation for this level of stupidity and awful writing to continue day in and day out.

Dhalgren said...

Megan is referring to a very popular blog called stuff white people like. She's saying that the ACLU is reflecting the tastes and concerns of the nerdy white liberal crowd. I think she's also poking fun at herself, considering her posts about consumer products (iPhone, Kindle) and recipes.

bulbul said...

I think she's also poking fun at herself
You sure we're talking about the same Megan? Thiiiiiiis tall, writes about economics...?

NutellaonToast said...

I don't know any Megan that writes about economics.

Fledermaus said...

Epic rant. The real thing i'm having trouble with is how the aclu lawyer advocating on a clients behalf in court is, in theory, unconstitutional