Saturday, July 4, 2009

It Is To Laugh

Palin stole Megan's thunder.

Today's a holiday for The Atlantic, which I used to attend to all those personal affairs left hanging while I flitted off to Aspen. So naturally, Sarah Palin goes and pulls this totally bizarre stunt. I'm not saying Sarah Palin's out to get me. But she could have been a little more considerate, I think.
That's not funny for the reasons you intended, Megan.
The state of Alaska elected her to serve a term. She owes them that much.
Maybe Leaving office early is the single best thing she ever did for her home state. Whatever her reasons, she did do her soon to be former constituents a favor. Besides which, shouldn't Megan be thrilled to see someone actually going Galt?
The real question is whether Palin will try to pardon herself before leaving office. Now that would be rugged self-reliance.

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Anonymous said...

unrelated to this post, but perhaps the comment of the century already

"While I'm no economist, it is increaingly obvious how flawed Krugman's thinking is. And I'd really like to see economists like you, Megan, be more critical of him, and call a spade a spade."