Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Catty Sniping of the Day

Megan has a question. It's very insightful:

What happens to the cottage industry among Democratic-leaning armchair economists grinding out analyses proving that Democratic presidents are, like, totally awesome for the economy? Presuming that we're stuck--as seem very likely--in at least a couple of years of really grinding low-to-no growth, Obama is going to destroy their figures. Are we in for a resurgence of belief in exogenous growth factors?
Oh those silly "Democratic-leaning armchairs." They're always making silly claims like "the economy does better under Democratic presidents." I wish they were more like Republicans, whose sober prognostications about America's constant imperilment by foreign forces are always based on cold hard desire to keep people scared shitless facts.

God it's hard being a liberal these days. I mean, sure, we were right about the war, market regulations and tax rates and we pioneer for equal rights and an end to torture, but there are some of us who make silly claims about presidential omni-control over the economy and it just makes life seem not worth living. The fact that the worst economic disaster in our lifetimes hasn't been solved 6 months into a R to D transition makes me feel so worthless I could vote for McCain.

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Marshall said...

I was going to say something reasonable about her point and has I typed it I became angry and decided to say someone please have a moment of sanity and do something to make her stop. Please. Its gone on long enough. She's going to start writing blog posts about how marriage is better than singlehood and even though I'm married I think most of those articles are retarded. If they come from her, oh god I might lose it.