Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cottage Cheese

Not that I've been adding anything here recently, & there's no such thing as bad publicity (especially w/ a link) but

There’s an entire cottage industry dedicated to picking apart her posts and they do a pretty good job.
let's name some names here, people! Not merely FMM, but fellow cottage snark industrialist Susan of Texas.

At least this guy was kind enough to link.
Ted, here is a blog that chronicles McMegan’s insipidness.
Do read both the linked threads. Then no one here will have to waste time or keystrokes on the inspirational Megan posts.

Oh, we see it's been done. Have to do some catching up around here.


Downpuppy said...

The last 30 or so comments at Balloon Juice get deeper into the details of bad instruments than anything in newspapers. Must be a lot of insomniac actuaries on Saturday nights.

PeakVT said...

Uh, sorry about not putting in any links. Totally uncool of me. But I was thinking about this place. Really. And Susan, and the occasional take-downs by S/N! and Edroso.