Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Shorters

much stupidity.

Is Health Care Reform Falling Apart?:

I have opinions, which are important because I'm the one who has them. I'm like a sports writer. Hi Easterbrook.

What are You Saying, Paul?:

I'm not calling Obama a big stinky pants liar, Krugman is, so don't get mad at me. Sure, Reagan's welfare queen was entirely made up and Obama's examples involve people who exist, and Krugman knows that, shit, even I know that, but, ummmmmmm, my readers are morons so they'll eat this up. Plus I think I'm being witty.

Moral Quandaries that Aren't:

Roy Edroso unctuously asks for
Bwaaaahahahahahahahahahaa. Awwwww, poor Megan is the prototypical schoolyard bully. She'll twist that nerd Krugman's arm around and ask why he's hitting himself, or more precisely joke about doing so to her sycophants without ever getting near him, but the moment someone jokes about her they're a big mean sexist bully with no manners who should SHUT UP because it's not funny and she's a smart pretty princess and you're poor.
As for the chap in Brooklyn: he broke the law. I'm against that, even if the law is stupid, which is why I dutifully sign for my sudafed, instead of breaking into the pharmacy after hours. On the other hand, the law seems grotesque to me, possibly near the level where one has a duty to break it. On the third hand, he's clearly not acting out of any sense of moral duty. But I'm not going to celebrate the fact of one less live kidney donation in the world, even if the person who gets stuck on the machine is affluent and thus presumptively deserves it.
Ok, first off, there was no first hand in this fucking selection. Megan? Is there some sort of congenital condition in your family which prevents you from ever properly using this construction?
Second, a "duty to break it"? A duty to fucking profit off of selling another person's internal organs? That's too stupid for me to snark, because I simply cannot fathom how she got there, how she could possibly think this. She must be convinced she'll need a new kidney at some point.
And that third point... she really doesn't want to ask where the kidneys came from, how they were procured, does she? Someone got paid, somewhere, that makes it moral.

Department of Non-Leading Indicators: Special Health Care Reform Edition:

Sure, sure, I'm quoting a heavily Republican leaning pollster whose opinion polls show an even more pronounced lean, but because I like what it says it is still significant. Plus, here's some gibberish about stuff I really don't get to give my sycophants something to ape when I'm ripped to shreds in the comments. Maybe Nate Silver will take me to task and give me free hits. Can't I successfully troll anyone?

The Value of Transparency:
I know I said I wasn't going to blog about wedding planning. It turns out that this was a lie. The economics of the thing are just fascinating.
And everyone was shocked, SHOCKED, that I let the Atlas Shrugged Project wither on the vine, too. It's just so out of our respective characters to do that.
But everything that happens to Megan is fascinating and important and revealing. Thank Jebus she's gotten a dress already.

N that's that.


bulbul said...

We need a name for that thing she does where she first condemns something as totally evil/wrong, then brings up a whole host of reasons why it doesn't have to be that evil or perhpas not even wrong and then she turns around again. You know, that thing she does so that it seems like she's thought things through and understands them completely in all of their implications even thought she hasn't got a fucking clue. "Meganism" doesn't quite cover it. "Pseudojournalistic bullshit" is too generic. Any thoughts?

Downpuppy said...
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Downpuppy said...

Taunt. Gloat. repeat.

She doesn't give a shit about this stuff. It's all about the wedding.

Clever Pseudonym said...


Fuck off, you pretentious git.

Susan of Texas said...

Althouse does the same thing--she's not smart enough to come up with a coherent argument to support her emotional, knee-jerk reactions, so she tells her critics to expalin why she's right. It's laughable.

NutellaonToast said...

I don't even get what she's trying to say about the Krugman quote.

Downpuppy said...

It's called blithering.

bulbul can use the term, too.