Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Busy week

posting, from me, will continue to be light for the next few days.
But I have to call attention to this post. To begin with, it features the most inexplicable use of blockquotes I've ever seen. It's possible Megan is quoting herself from an old post without linking, but it appears she's using it to distinguish an argument as opposed to prose. This is odd.
Then, of course, there's the content of the oddly formatted "joking argument";
5) I already pay quite enough in taxes, thank you very much.

6) I have noticed that the kind of economists who spend a lot of time proving that tall people are smarter, earn more, and are also probably better conversationalists and fantastic in the sack, tend to also be the kind of economists who spend a lot of time shopping at Rochester Big and Tall. This qualifies my faith in their results, and therefore, my willingnes to alter tax policy accordingly.

7) I really pay a lot in taxes.
I'd mock yet another failing attempt at humorous content by Megan, or the whining about drawbacks of being tall, but there's a silver lining in posts like these; they aren't about race. If she can keep herself busy with posts about random plastic crap or dorky mother grade attempts at humor, at least she's not trying to explain why the inferiority of non-whites isn't their fault, but rather big gubbermint's for not practicing tough love.


Troy Camplin said...

WOnder what the average height of Nobel Prize winners is (the real Nobel Prizes, not the Peace Prize, which can apparently go to any clown, whether what he does supports peace or not).

spencer said...

God damn, I am so fucking sick of seeing people who were gifted with all of society's advantages bitching about having to pay to support the social system they so handily benefit from.

What was that she said about a two-by-four that one time? Yeah.

Anonymous said...

It is an increasingly common means of establishing anti-PC "credibility" to frame every bit of meanness as being solely economic. From a cocktail party chat:
Me: "And some kids present with Ricketts, as in Dickensian London -Tiny Tim and all that, it is incredible"
AWF: "Well I dont know why we as a society should have to pay for other's poor parenting."