Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gay/Deaf Genetic Review

I think TBogg called it "nutpicking," where one abuses a blog by going through the comments looking for whoppers. He's mostly a'gin it, I actually don't care one way or another. And in this case, it's the well-known scientist & genetic expert Steve ("Hello") Sailer leaving a comment on what is not actually an unreasonable post by our heroine:

Similarly, even if they were not worthwhile in themselves, the subcultures we now have the medical possibility of destroying are sources of dynamism in our society. We will all be poorer without them.
(Multi-culti surrender monkey. Doesn't she understand the necessity of unity & conformity in a free market?)

Here's Sailer boy's comment:
Bottom Line: People who go through all the work of having and raising children want to get grandchildren out of the bargain. Having homosexual sons greatly decreases the likely number of grandchildren you will have. So, if a safe and effective preventative treatment for male homosexuality is available, it will be highly popular.
Excuse the fuck out of me, but wouldn't lesbian daughters greatly reduce the likelihood of children as much as (if not more than) homosexual sons? Perhaps if Mr. Sailer & the rest of the VDare element would remove their heads from wherever they're hidden & stop thinking of themselves as mere strings of DNA w/ a flesh wrapping we wouldn't have to read this sort of drivel so often.

People who go through "all the work of having and raising children" probably want their children to be healthy, happy & making a decent living, whether or not grandchildren are in the offing. Steve, of course, is worried that the "mud people," w/ their carnal instincts, are, at this very moment, outbreeding his precious "white race" of genetically superior brainiacs.

Not to let Ms. McA. off scot-free:
[E]ven if they were not worthwhile in themselves [...] the subcultures [...] are sources of dynamism in our society.
Um, uh, what?


Anonymous said...

"Not an unreasonable post" gets it right, but I would go further to ad "but typically muddled," for it is the muddle-ness that distinguishes all of her writing.

It is most probable that homosexuality, indeed all sexual preference, is the product of the interaction of genetic factors and the in utero environment. As it must be the case that the genetic basis of homosexuality provides a selection advantage greater than the cost of a completely homosexual offspring which by definition will not reproduce, a drug to reduce the likelihood of offspring having homosexual preferences would have the effect of increasing the prevalence of genetic factors favoring homosexuality, by increasing the evolutionary fitness of gay genes.

So while in the near term offspring would be less likely to express homosexual preferences in the long term the genetic basis of homosexuality would become far more prevalent in the population, if never actually expressed.

But for Megan to have reached that point would have required her to actually think things through, and she would never bother to do that.

Anonymous said...

Your "mud people" quote of Sailer comes from where?

M. Bouffant said...

Oh, Mr. Sailer is just smart enough not to be caught saying something like that. That's why I put it in quotation marks.

He confuses cultural & class differences w/ allegedly scientific, genetic, "racial" differences.

Anonymous said...

People who go through all the work of having and raising children want to get grandchildren out of the bargain.
I have to say that the prospect of grandchildren was not a consideration when the Frau Doktorin and I weighed up the economic pros and cons, and eventually decided that our self-interests would best be served by having a child.
The prospect of having a convenient subject for our medical experiments was the deciding factor.

M. Bouffant said...

Mein Herr Doktor, I wish you & the Frau Doktorin the very best in finding a cure for something. Or causing something! Too bad you didn't have twins, eh?

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