Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pointless, Callous, Intelligent; Pick Two

Billy Mays, a guy famous for selling crap on teevee, died of heart failure. Apparently Megan things that her readers have never heard of any part of the internet other than her blog because that's the extent of her second post today.

Her first post is titled "Markets in Everything" which, as you all know, is what she said (about 50 times before). What's the market in today? Well, actually, it's likely to be a hoax, but our muse makes no mention of that. No, she merely blurts out "Spend your vacation hunting pirates." My reaction is the same when I hear about commercialized murder. I just comment on it passively. I'm all like "heh, they'll sell anything these days," before I go back to my shoe gazing.

Her commentors are a beautiful people, as always. Some of them defend selling the right to kill someone. After all these pirates have yet to kill anyone use "deadly force" and so it's perfectly cool to go pique a fight with them and then shoot them. That's just enlightened self interest. Yeah, I wouldn't look askance at someone who actively sought out a justifiable homicide as a "vacation," either, Mr. Libertarian. You have such an enlightened view point.

Furthermore, our evaluation of their situation -- I'm informed by the commenidiotariot -- should not involve any analysis of the Somalis' horrible conditions or what atrocities and/or injustices have driven them to piracy. They used "force" and so therefore are "bad." Western civilization, the only true light on this earth, never uses force and engages in only fair, even sided negotiations in order to acquire the supplies for its larder. Anyone who does not return the favor should be hunted down with tanks, destroyers, airplanes, embargoes, sanctions, invasions, locusts, global worming, toxic waste, cruise missles and reality television. End of fucking story.


Dhalgren said...

Awesome comments, Nutella! Her regular readers seem like teenagers....Libertarian Beavis & Buttheads. If they can't recognize that enticing people onto the water so they can be shot at is a crime, then they cannot be helped.

Hoax or not, Megan's posting the link without comment or judgment is interesting as well. (No disclaimer like, "We libertarians should not hunt humans, but we should discuss the hypothetical market for human hunting.")

clever pseudonym said...

Why in the hell would she "inform" us all the manner of that guy's death about ten hours after EVERY major news outlet in the United States had already done so?