Monday, October 8, 2007

I can't do this today

I know Megan has given great material to work with, but I woke to a call from my bank wondering if I had indeed withdrawn over $1000 overnight in Australia. As you might guess, I didn't, but because of the holiday I can't even begin to get my money back until tomorrow.
Thus, I am not in the mood for lighthearted snark. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting the money back.

Her latest is a doozy:

"Tyler wonders what will be done with people who are required to by health insurance, but don't. The answer, I think, is 'they'll get treated'. The object is not to play chicken with people; we can't make a credible committment not to treat people without insurance (and thank god for that.) The object, as I see it, is to force the people who care about things like legality to get insurance rather than rolling the dice. The people who don't care about such things will continue costing us some fraction of the small amount that caring for the uninsured currently costs us now. It may only be a slight improvement, but it's still an improvement."

I'll accept that maybe the period outside of the quotation mark is still her pretentious thinking that writing in British makes her more important, but does this woman ever edit her stuff before posting on the web?

Anonymous said...

I swear to Christ I think she is trying to get herself fired. These posts are so f*ing deranged, full of racialist and classist nonsense. The only other thing I can figure is that black men turn her advances down due to her grotesque stick figure and she is taking revenge on the entire race as a result.