Friday, October 19, 2007

Title Search

I'm back!! Hey, it's me, remember? Didn't notice I was gone? Whatever. Look, if you need a note from AT&T I'll get one, OK? Not even a 'phone line for over a week (& for once not for non-payment) let alone connection to the Internet Freight Lines. Which is about what I have now, haven't yet been re-connected to DSL, this dial-up crap is like the trucks that Sen. Stevens (Corrupt-Alaska) said the Internet ran w/, before he realized it was a series of tubes (DSL, I guess he meant).

And horrifying as it always is to dip one's toes in the icy appletini of Lake McArdle, imagine the agony of doing it @ 56K, waiting & waiting for the page to change, or the comments to appear.

The broadcast spectrum, owned by those mythical "people" & licensed to broadcasters as a public trust, is regulated. While my license has long since expired, & I'm not up on whatever changes may have been made to those regs, it used to be a violation to use the public airwaves for "personal communication." In other words, an "on-air personality" couldn't, say, remind someone at his or her house to take the roast out of the oven, or tell a spouse to pick up something at the store on the way home. (Not actually sure how this applies to athletes saying "Hi, mom;" it may only apply to the employees of the broadcaster.)

The Internet, being theoretically infinte, or limited only by how many servers can be piled up all over the world, has no such regulations, but you'd think that The Atlantic might not want its bandwidth used for this sort of personal communication:

Random question
15 Oct 2007 05:23 pm
Where's the most reputable place to do a title search in DC?

And now, in the grand tradition of the House of Commons, Question Time: What's so "random" about that question? Is Megatron asking on behalf of her sister, w/ whom she was house-hunting last month? Is there no one at The Atlantic who owns property & might be able to provide a suggestion? Does not Megan own a mobile, or have access to a 'phone line she could use (even if it's one of The Atlantic's lines) to call the rest of the Blogger Army & quiz them about this? Does she realize that a better phrasing of the question would be: "What's the most reputable title search company in D. C.?"

Fortunately, most of the commenters were all over her, besides the saps who were eager to offer legitimate suggestions to help the future Lady McArdle in her search for a "title." Good luck finding that earl, Your Grace.


Fishbone McGonigle said...

It's like I've said - she thinks Jonah Goldberg's "work" provides an ideal template for blogging. And why shouldn't she? They both grew up as privileged Manhattanites, they've both been promoted to positions far above that which their actual intellects and abilities should allow, and neither one can ever publicly admit being in error.

So naturally, she looks at his blog and does what he does.

M. Bouffant said...

At least she doesn't make constant reference to The Simpsons & Battlestar Galactica.
Matter of fact, she doesn't seem to have much interest in moving pictures at all, just "music," far as "culture" goes. I wonder why?