Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not adding insult to injury

I have nothing to add to this.


Anonymous said...

NOOOOO! She's coming to upstate New York??


Fishbone McGonigle said...

This was my favorite comment:

You mention heading toward the "wilds" of Western New York State and then take several hundred words to describe an experience that we occidental Empire State hicks never experience until we are forced to make connections in the "civilized" part of the country that you inhabit.

Even when she's begging for sympathy, she just can't help herself.

M. Bouffant said...

I am truly inspred by the initiative shown by the Comfort Inn clerk to (as alleged by Megan) sell Megan's room out from under her, & "produce" a little something for herself. And appalled by the whining hypocrites (commenters) & their invocation of the "contract-based society." I'll bet the night shift clerk @ The Comfort Inn was able to negotiate an excellent contract w/ her corporate overlords.