Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If it's good enough for da alicublog

it's good enough for me to rip off. In honor of Roy's visit to Megan's world, here are brief recaps of Megan's work since Monday.

No relatives: China has a declining birth rate. No industrialized nation has ever faced such a situation, based on my memories of family reunions, meaning we cannot begin to guess how this will eventually affect their society.

The perils of buy local: My refusal to shop at Whole Foods shows why it's better to have a carbon tax that hurts the little guy than emissions caps and the like which large businesses oppose.

Random question: You guys, does this wristband make my nose look fat?

Department of awful statistics: Just what would happen if we made abortion legal?
While I'm always happy to misuse the ideas and words I find on feminist blogs to dismiss my critics, I'm not so sure they're right to claim that making abortion illegal and dangerous is somehow harmful to women.

Caveat emptor: Watch me scare brad.

One way to think about health care: For some reason, the rise of often lethal antibiotic resistant infections shows that we can either have medical advances, or nationalized health care, but not both.

I take it all back: I am a victim of ideological apartheid. THIS MIGHT AFFECT MY CAREER!

Should I resent having been evicted?: I'm not letting myself feel victimized by being evicted, because otherwise I might have to question the soundness of my beliefs.

What's the matter with Lomborg: I like thinking about things like health care and global warming in highly abstracted terms, else I might have to take them seriously.

Pet peeve: I AM NOT a bad person for dehumanizing an issue like health care. Bringing up the fact that the whole issue is about human lives just gets in the way of what's really important; preventing Hillary from taking my money.

School or sleep: My conscience keeps me up at night, which explains why I don't realize school hours were set back when everyone was a farmer, and are maintained as are for a variety of reasons, some of which I dismiss with no cause.

Think positive: I totally know more about health care than my doctor.

Family... who needs 'em?: Here's someone else's work.

Defining genocide down: The Democrats' failure to remove lobbyists from the system in under a year shows... something?

The budget deficit falls again: *insert confused ideas about economic processes here* (Damn you, Fishbone. This is where we need you.)

And, finally,

You jest: Not blaming teachers for the failures of our educational system is what a communist would do.

Now we're caught up.


Fishbone McGonigle said...

I'm sorry, brad. I just couldn't face reading that horrible, horrible website on a regular basis anymore.

Unknown said...

Paul Krugman does the work so you don't have to:

J— said...

Good stuff, brad. Catch this neologism—"anasemitic"—before it gets edited into something more standard.

Anonymous said...

She got evicted? Is it mean to snicker? I can understand a landlord not wanting to put up with her crap.