Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scabrous Commentary

A bad photograph of the results of a bad bicycling event is available, giving me the chance to quote a line from Richard Meltzer's lyric for the Blue Öyster Cult tune Stairway to the Stars: "I hope you heal up real quick."

Looksism Dep't.: That's a big arm, sister. Maybe a little weight work while bouncing about in your overgrown elf stylee. I know, it's a digital camera w/ a next to useless lens (possibly accounting for the apparent hugosity of the arm) & the lighting's not good, but if you insisted on having your face in it, you could've thrown a couple of watts on said mug. Was this one of those "take your own picture in a mirror for Internet dating sites" deals?

Textual analysis:

On the benefit side, we are not being mugged by auto-mechanics, or unpleasant dictatorships with thoroughly undeserved good luck in geography.
Nor by unpleasant poor people w/ thoroughly undeserved bad luck in birth geography. Oh, sorry, I forgot for a moment; that's all their fault, they made the wrong choices, leading to demands for cable tee vee & gov't. child-care via taxation/confiscation/punishment of their betters.

And finally: Maybe it was the mere six or seven hours sleep, maybe the anti-anxiety drug, no doubt it was compounded by the waiting imposed by dial-up, but while attempting to catch up on the last week's Megatronics, this critic/stalker fell sound asleep in his comfy armchair. All that dismal science in the comments made my hair hurt, & my eyes glazed over too.


Larry Harmon said...

Hey, Bouff, the Meganaut employs the same first person plural that you use in your JAB(FLA) posts! Maybe she stole the idea from you.....

brad said...

Thank jebus yer back. Fishbone dropped out, Clem is displeased with me, and tau never really got into the swing of things.
I... can but don't want to go this alone. Plus, she's, amazingly, getting worse. Glad to have backup, again.

Fishbone McGonigle said...

Is Clem still pissed about the Yankees stuff?

brad said...

I dunno, but hasn't been a peep from him since.

M. Bouffant said...

B-rad, just wish I could keep up like you. As a drop-out of one high school & 3 institutions of higher learning, & a full time aesthete rather than money-grubber, I've never come w/in a mile of Econ 101 (or even the Econ bldg.) & sometimes think I'm being excessively trivial w/ grammatical fascism & "why doesn't she change her sidebar?" items, but then again, when her typing is so crummy one must re-read a short item, extract the appositive phrases & so on merely to understand what she's trying to say, I guess it's a necessary effort. Though I suspect she'll never be moved along from there unless she makes some truly outrageous Coulter-like statement, and considering how unclearly she writes, & how she is a champion qualifier "It Seems To Me," "tenative [sic] thoughts," etc., she'll probably be able to weasel out of any actual outrage as well.
As to Mega(not) copping the editorial "we," I have rec'd. at least one visitor from the server of The Atlantic so it's not completely impossible. Personally, I took up the "we" @ Just Another Blog™ after reading of someone in Ohio who posted something disapproving of same Nazi site, &, w/in hrs., found his meighborhood plastered w/ posters accusing him of being a commie child-molester. In my paranoid state, I figured I should weasel like Megan in an attempt to have plausible deniability should one of those fools on my Nutjob bogroll come after me. Plus it's stupid & semi-amusing. (In my/our case.) Ms. McA. is probably behind security guards @ the Watergate complex, while chez Bouffant the lock/buzzer deal for the front gate has been missing for months, so any glibertarian/Nazi could get in.
Too bad Clem's being a poop, he & I seemed to have a mutual interest in military aviation. And if it's over sports, fergawd'ssakes, how inane. The fun of sports is that one can get pissy & passionate, call names at the actual event w/o being marched out by the Secret Service, engage in intense discussion w/ your pals, yada yada, but in the end it just makes no actual difference to anything & you really shouldn't hold grudges or take any of it seriously. Hell, the only reason I favor the Rockies in the upcoming series is that I have a Rockies cap, & the only reasons for that are 'cause it's in my two fave colors, purple & black, & has the initials of my legal name on it. If the Brewers' "MB" logo were a little more recognizable as "MB" I might have a Brewers cap & be almost as disappointed they weren't in it as I am about the Dodgers blowing it again this yr.