Monday, October 8, 2007

You can't keep a good man down

and I'm hard to shut up, too.
Race and medical insurance. Prime Meganity today. Short of a post titled "Deny the Jena 6 Healthcare in the Prison They Should Be Sent To", what we have here is the clearest cause for termination of Megan's employment imaginable. I tried to stay away, but I'd be failing the cause not to document what she said today. I'd try and mock the health insurance post, but how many times can I point out that Megan usually writes like a college sophomore who's absorbed the jargon of a class but none of the meaning behind those words? Besides, let's not mistake the trees for the forest.
More importantly, we have a post about race and IQ. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your *facepalm*s.
With all this talk about IQ, I was tempted to take one of those web IQ tests. And of course, what comes to the fore is the very, very obvious way in which racism could affect IQ: by affecting hard [sic] you try when you get to a difficult problem.
This is a clear rejoinder to those Bell Curve touting racialists that seem to make up a notable percentage of her readers. Blacks are not genetically inferior, they're just lazy.
Mark it down, folks. October 8th, 2007, 10:03 AM. The magazine founded in no small part to give abolitionists a voice, in which Martin Luther King Jr. published "A Letter From a Birmingham Jail", now allows its employees to call blacks lazy. I could go on and mock her laughable attempt to "justify" this claim, but... fuck. That's plain old racist. Not biased, racist. Unintentionally racist, I guess, maybe, but that's no defense. I.... can't go on. Megan, you are actually a worse person than I thought. You're two steps from promoting Prussian Blue. Tom Metzger is about to name you Aryan of the year.
You should be ashamed of yourself, you racist bitch.

I've tried hard to avoid that word, but sometimes the only word that fits is offensive. Women are not bitches, but Megan is (one).

I missed the [sic] in the quote the first time around, but pointing it out now gives me the chance to poke irony's corpse with a stick.
I am lazy, but I am unpaid.

Update the second:
Oh my. Not to knock Mike's post itself, which I obviously can't help but appreciate, but the Megan, it speaks, and it is not bright.


Fishbone McGonigle said...

You should be ashamed of yourself, you racist bitch.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you guys have covered this before, but the whole Steve Sailer thing ( really creeps me out. Is MM really pushing a "white nationalist" agenda? Has anyone directly confronted her about this?

Anonymous said...

You should look up the name "Claude Steele" and the term "stereotype threat" before putting out such an surpassingly stupid rant.

brad said...

Dear northerner,
I'd make a joke about how I'm too lazy, but I'm neither black nor Megan.

Anon- Good questions, I'll try to remember to revisit.

Mike said...

Those iq tests are stupid. How can you judge someone's iq when intelligence comes in so many different forms.