Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Nothin', Ya Hear? Nothin'!"

A peaceful Saturday afternoon, the sights & sounds of one of my semi-alma maters, the University of Spoiled Children, delivering a beat-down (by the largest margin ever in the series) to the Sucking Catholics or Loser Leprechauns or whatever they are of Notre Dame (Take that, Touchdown Jeebus, not one point, let alone a touchdown, scored by "your" team!) on the tube, I'm all ready to settle down with one Megan McArdle's web log to start stalking & mocking, & what do I find? Nothing! Not an item since yesterday @ 1821. (Perhaps she heard I'm back & is hoping I'll go away again. Perhaps the moon is made of green cheese.) Maybe she's off to another conference, or judging a college blogger contest, or "plinking nearly empty aerosol cans with .22 rifles," or getting back on the bike to deal w/ her fears. Or maybe I'm getting "obsessional."

So let's get a grip here & delve into a previous item from the muse:

I've always wondered why someone doesn't buy cheap wood furniture and glassware by the cargo container, rent out [sic] safety outfits, and let people whack the hell out of stuff with big hammers. We're a stress laden society. And who hasn't, when some inanimate object has stubbed their toe or otherwise thwarted them, wanted to vent their rage by destroying it? I'm also a big fan of plinking nearly empty aerosol cans with .22 rifles, and those have to be pretty cheap to acquire. America needs more outlets for its destructive tendencies that don't involve wrecking other places, or our own economy.
Again, I know she's going for the funny here, but note this: "we may occasionally be attacked by marauding curbstones," & this: "[a]nd who hasn't, when some inanimate object has stubbed their toe or otherwise thwarted them, wanted to vent their rage by destroying it?" Not I, for one. When an inanimate object attacks me, I usually consider it my fault, & take the blame. Perhaps that makes me a self-loathing American, but isn't glibertarianism all about choices & responsibility? Well, at least for poor people who made the poor choice of being born poor. For Ms. McA., it always seems to be something else's fault, and the reaction is to smash & destroy. Got your 2x4 ready, Megatron?

Of course, now she doesn't want to "wreck other places," or "our own economy." Here's another clue, sister: Those who, in your humble opinion, want to "wreck our own economy" don't actually believe it's their "own" economy. And they're not talking about how every other penny they earn is taken from them by the gov't. under threat of force. They believe that people who do no actual work, merely order others about & suck up to stock analysts in order to increase the value of their stock options are the "owners" of "our" economy, & the ones who profit therefrom, as opposed to those who must live paycheck to paycheck.

Not to mention the combined wrecking of "other places" (i. e., the wholesale slaughter & destruction of a sovereign nation that posed no actual threat to us) & of our "own" economy by appropriating billions & billions of $ — apparently pulled out of someone's ass along w/the "justifications" — for said adventure. But let's get out the 2x4s and beat the crap out of anybody who's opposed to wrecking things.

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