Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm trying to watch Megan on bloggingheads

and before I say anything real, I have to ask Yglesias, are you trying to make your voice higher than Megan's? Speak from low in your chest, m'man. It makes you more pleasant to listen to. As it stands now, oy, jeebus.
Matt and Megan are arguing in favor of gentrification. I'm not going to try and transcribe, or link to this. Don't be so masochistic as to seek this out. You don't want to see it. I'm stopping it only 10 mins in.


Anonymous said...

That is hillarious. She is such a hardened fag hag! How can anyone take any of these clowns seriously? Do they have any clue how they look online? My god.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I can't imagine he would deign to post this as a contrast to MY and MM's buffoonery, but Fallows shows how a professional journalist conducts a dialog in his discussion with the google guys. Imagine, talking to people who have something interesting to say rather than staring at your navel and engaging in cocktail party chit chat.