Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good News For All!

In the finest tradition of the repressive, authoritarian right, soon The Atlantic will be in its own gated enclave.

We've also got something that a lot of you (and me!) have been wanting for a while:  registered comments.  Eventually they'll be migrating over here, too, but for now, I hope commenters will stick with the new page.
Why sure. I wouldn't want to be free to express myself, would I? I've been dying to keep some of, y'know, those people out of your comments there, Megan.

Those of you who do register, be prepared for a glut of "offers" from The Atlantic in your in-box.

We hope this doesn't mean that Megan will be forced to earn her keep by doing more econo-blogging & less pancake-blogging.

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