Saturday, January 3, 2009

Odds & Ends

Let's do a couple shorters, close some tabs in my browser.

Department of awful statistics:

Do as I say, not as I do.

Bonus dumb;

This is probably not the fault of the journalist; we rarely get to write our own headlines, and we've all had at least one that was gotten, unbeknownst to us, gloriously, hilariously wrong. But this is the wrongest I've ever seen.
Further proof Megan doesn't read her own work.

Quote of the day:
As Megan says, Americans need to get their heads above the debt. It would have been better if they had come to this conclusion gradually over the last 20 years instead of all of a sudden over Labor Day weekend, but there you have it.
Tigerhawk then went back to his vodka gimlet and Letter to the Editor complaining about allowing women in Princeton Eating Clubs like the good anachronism from 80 years ago that he is.
That paper hat looks stupid, guy.

Gazprom's woes:

Megan has finally recognized that being a conservative means she can now blame everything else in the world for the mistakes made by her ideological comrades. That those mistakes were so severe and far reaching that the whole world is suffering from them just goes to show that it must be the whole world's fault, not Friedmanites and Hayekians and a culture of non-regulation of massive, mostly imaginary, financial markets.

The problem with Israel-Palestine blogging:

... is that I almost have a sense of reality in this case, which leaves me feeling the whole thing is just tacky. I mean, let's have some oversimplified black and white takes on issues I can't even begin to frame honestly, dammit, not bloody reality.

Alright then.


TigerHawk said...

I don't drink vodka gimlets, but I believe that I did once write a letter to the editor about letting women in Princeton's eating clubs. Not complaining, exactly, but on the subject. So close.

Anonymous said...

"On the other side, there's a tendency to forget, or forget to mention, that whatever the provocation, a plurality-to-majority of Palestinians constantly and actively wish to kill large numbers of Israelis purely for revenge."

I imagine Megan going over the Gallup poll asking a random sample of Palestians reached by telephone whether they wish to kill large numbers of Israelis for revenge. "Where are the crosstabs?" she yells to a research assistant. "We need to figure out what percentage actively think this and what percentage both actively AND constantly think about revenge!"

Anonymous said...

Anon - I can't. That would involve actual research and work. Megan's too lazy for that. It would have been nice for her to cite some kind of source for that "plurality-to-majority" claim.