Thursday, January 1, 2009

Roughing it in the New Year

seems everyone has to make some compromises this year, even Megan.

So, the good news is that we found a house at the last minute, inked a lease yesterday, and are scheduled to move in on Friday. The news so bad [sic? what?] it is actually amusing is that Washington Gas denies that our house exists, and Comcast just informed me that they cannot schedule appointments in the new year because their dispatch hasn't yet released the schedule--at 3:30 in the afternoon on New Years Eve.
She might have to wait a day or two for cable service, and instead of, say, talking to the landlord about what the address is for the residence in the gas co.'s files is whineblogging about it.
Let's repeat, because the cable company wasn't in full operation mode the afternoon of New Year's Eve, Megan might not have cable right away, in a new house she's moving into at the last minute.
In 2009, this is happening. This isn't Soviet Russia, folks, it's the US, today. It could happen to any of us. No one is safe in this economy.


spencer said...

"The news so bad [sic? what?] it is actually amusing is ..."

I actually understand what she means, I think. I think she is trying to say, "The news, which is so bad that it is actually amusing, is ..."

Either way, it's a terrible sentence and is yet another piece of evidence that Meggie is completely unqualified for her job.

brad said...

Oh, yeah. I might have been a tiny bit overzealous there.

Susan of Texas said...

I look forward to many posts complaining about the perfidity of her new rental, landlord, neighborhood, DC traffic, and roommate.

Anonymous said...

Is she trying to tell us that there are actually people at the cable company that want to take the New Year's Eve holiday off instead of making sure she gets her VH1 at the snap of her fingers? The nerve of those peons.