Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scrubbing One's Troubles Away

Not a word from Megatron since last yr. (We've been here every single day of the New Yr., & un-paid for it. Sheer labor of love.) Perhaps she's having another Freudian cleaning orgy.

After scrubbing my house from top to bottom after the move, the skin is literally peeling off my hands from all the chemicals.


I'm kind of obsessed by cleaning things like baseboards
Is there such a condition as merely "kind of obsessed?" Speaking of which, maybe I'm not as obsessed w/ mlle. as I thought, but have I missed something w/ this moving about? Is she moving every month? Did I miss a fascinating but interminable post on the whole thing & her solid M. B. A. reasoning on renting vs. pouring all one's cash down the toilet, or did she actually not share her entire existence w/ us peons?


Andrew Johnston said...

Is Megan the one who once wondered aloud why more poor people don't save money by buying their homes, or is that another out-of-touch writer?

I'm a bit curious about the move, too. She indicated that it was a last-minute sort of thing, so I guess there was something wrong with last month's residence. Maybe it was too small to fit all the plasma-screen TVs and racks of custom-made cutlery she got for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

The first house was "uninhabitable" enough she feels she can sue, which would certainly indicate she was stupid enough to have signed a lease without actually, you know, looking at the premises.

NutellaonToast said...

no, uninhabitable to her might mean the thermostat wasn't set before they moved in. This is Megan we're talking about.

M. Bouffant said...

Thank you, Mal. Interesting & informative.

Anonymous said...

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