Wednesday, January 21, 2009

America Drinks & Goes Home

Why does Glenn Reynolds (echoed by Megan, from whom the quote below) think that Americans are this fucking shallow?

It strikes me that this might be a golden opportunity for the Republicans, though.  The news post-election was filled with commentators pointing out that the first few times a person votes tend to seal their political identity.  Well, a president coming out strongly against the drinking age could put the next generation in Republican pockets for decades.
Oh, because 'Murkins are that shallow. I keep forgetting. (Wouldn't George Bush have been the ideal prez to have done this? Another golden opportunity squandered.)

"Our 'base?' Why, alcoholic grad students, & under-grads headed for the bar. Room, not exam."

These are principled, core values? As the right thrashes about trying to keep its political head above the "bitter swill of civil war and segregation" it's about to drown in, the gimmicks & obfuscations they will attempt to disguise the fact that George W(orst) Bush was completely & absolutely one of them, & that their not half- but un-baked, salmonella-ridden economic "theories" have crashed & burned w/ the financial system are surely going to be amusing, but something this pathetic, this soon? It is to laugh.

We should add that the WSJ piece ("Hopes for the Obama Presidency") includes contributions from Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel, Shelby Steele ("Black America Could Have Done Better") & Gov. Sarah Palin, who, in her usual brilliant way, titles her item "Tax Cuts and Fiscal Discipline," goes on for half of it about Alaska's willingness to drill & sell to the lower 48, & a quarter of it about "Mr. Obama and Congress must continue to guarantee a strong national defense by modernizing and equipping our armed forces; by treating active-duty military and veterans fairly; and by supporting the families of our service members." How much "fiscal discipline" do you think the gov. would like exercised over the defense budget?

Sarah Palin offers a more serious (or larger, at least) vision than Ole Perfess'r Reynolds. There's a condemnation.

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Anonymous said...

Reading that post from McMoron, she seems to admit to an arrest and conviction for an alcohol-related offense:

"I remember sitting through the alcohol education class that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania required me to sit through in exchange for clearing my sentence."

So in addition to all her other fine qualities, she's a drunk.