Friday, January 2, 2009

Highly off topic

Courtney Love has a myspace blog. I know a meth addict who was born deaf who writes more coherently than she does. If you have a weakness for train wrecks, try reading the following portion of a post titled "peta etc whose that girl with the big boobies?/RICO statutes".

to a computer like at experian that "-" is a z or an r, its a etter, so Curtiss is Kelly Ipa Ripa i didnt take her for a soho gal 16 spring? 76 crosby? endless arkansas properties?
ho about mega proucer David Foster, David P Foster, David-Peter-Foster, Foster David D, etc, hsi akas go on for 102 pages it all fictiousness people on there but for the Fosters and Mark Consuealas and Kelly IPA< mine under courtney lovecobain no space is 98 pages and i get stuck being of all people axl rose, yep B A Bailey B baily ab bailey wa rose a rose all with 100s of iff addresses i get stuck being Pamela lee ANDERS , myneighbou and dear friend Pamela and Davids daughetr sara is also a good friend, since Knispel and Chapman is using their ssns and their ex spouses oh and Curtis leeorthmann is also Micheal Fleetwood and his ex, ythe rest like"Brian D amour:" are just nonsense , would you like me to scan it,? i think i can figure out how to do it now i have a scanner, they change information once i dissemnitae it, im actially wuite furious that my ag is governor gerry Brown and my senator BOxer and my Congressman Waxmen and ive ardently supposrted all of them and since the 4 trillio yep FOUR TRILLION in mortgage fruad annually in the usa 65% of it begings in the San fernando Valley depsite ending up in Houston or Metarie or Verdi Nev or 1200 pinbe island road plantation florida wich takes us to lesters llc in houston po box, and that takes us to a 96,000,000 apn in nyc again, why doesnt Merron l Kobane born 1900 get it? hes got ove 30 "properties: we all pay taxes on in california, and yet he doesnt exist or DAVE HEITMAN using KLurts ssn who has million dollar plus properties in CA and MAss, it is wierd to be called back by the AG of every NE state i call and and Southern one too and have to go there dragging my suitacse of papers as the information changes on the search sites not on merlin but on like people finders, Dawn Bell Kobane is now DAWN CICCONE KOBANE ha ha ha ha HA i guess we all get THAT joke but tell me, how does DAWN CICCONE KOBANE live at 482 COBAIN rod Jackson NJ wo whata bold devolepent move, is there such a place i looke donmy google maps and it didnt come up "49 avenue Cherry Plain NJ" or else how does Dawn Ciccone Kobane live at a 1.6 million dollar 516 86th street, apm 15820045 owner
That's just one random chunk out of several thousand items of text that are sometimes words. Later she says
if you want to call me eccentric or a witch bitch whatever you can i have never had any aspicartions that everyone "love" me, i truly DONT CARE expect for the people i care for
I really wish Courtney Love had a reality tv show. One of her dogs died by choking on one of her old breast implants. This woman is comedy gold.

(via firedoglake.)


spencer said...

I feel very sorry for that dog. But I don't know if it's because of how it died or because it was once Courtney Love's pet.

Anonymous said...

Even though McArdle wants to legalize them, thank God she's not on drugs. Otherwise that's what her fucking blog would like like. Content-wise, though, Courtney Love's blog is about equal to McArdle's--they're both blatherg, incoherent idiots.

Anonymous said...

"i have never had any aspicartions"

Aren't those throat lozenges? There's your problem, then.

BTW, "brad," if that really is your name: I'm on p. 506 of Atlas Shrugged--i.e., halfway through. It is "a moral defense of capitalism" the way a Macy's parade Snoopy is "a fine piece of sculpture." Keep reading. You'll see.

M. Bouffant said...

Aaaggh! That witch bitch (allegedly) had my pal El Duce killed 'cause he was gonna tell Cobain something nasty about her. Or some crap.

And she's still on the loose wasting oxygen & electrons. Thanks, universe!

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