Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Like Pancakes Too!

Perhaps not as much as Megan does, but I don't "nest like the wind" either.

And look, Megan has a touching, if unoriginal sort of moment where something she's read before strikes her as usable & applicable, & then she blows it, either by a typo or by being an Internet smart-ass. That's the trouble w/ the web, you type "teh" when you honestly meant "the," & no one can tell the difference. That's why it is vital to spell check & proof-read one's work, young lady.

And speaking of "work:"

The ability to quickly lay hands on OMB information is a skill that has taken me years to hone, and provides substantial professional advantage.
[Cough, cough] "Professional?" Tall econo-blogging is a "profession?" ["Coughing" turns to fits of laughter] More work:
I'm working from home today, which is a holiday at the Atlantic, and MLK and civil rights are pretty much on nonstop loop on CNN. This morning I was thinking about the white man who tried to take Rosa Parks' seat.
Can you imagine? I'm confused. Did The Atlantic tell all employees to stay home, but work from their laptops? Is this Megan demonstrating her contempt for Martin Luther King, Jr., by working on the day dedicated to his memory? The less cynical among us (besides being suckers) will say: "Oh, no, she posted MLK's 'I have a dream speech.'" And she did. And the reaction that engendered? (Two of five, below:)
I'm going to pee in the punch here. To say that MLK was an advocate of civil rights is not really true. He supported civil rights for black people in the United States. He also actively and tirelessly campaigned for the establishment of a Marxist-Leninist dictatorship in Vietnam, with all the death, suffering and oppression that entails.
Posted by Jim | January 19, 2009 10:44 AM
Yep, the cong had us up against the wall for sure, whoopin' on us six ways to Sunday, you bet.

Just like the way Hamas practically obliterated the IDF. When we [sic] we learn that we can never, ever win?
Posted by Obama's Seat | January 19, 2009 1:39 PM
And, doubtlessly unintentionally, Megan reveals that the the greedy, rapacious nature of our sordid species (& especially the current AmeriKKKan sub-species) makes libertarianism & other forms of oppressive selfishness completely un-workable.
The libertarians will hate it, I predict. But voluntary embrace of duty is the health of a small state--it's when people won't care for the collective that the government starts making them do it.
Of course, her very embrace of the concept of "duty" reveals how libertarian she is. K-Mart psychologizing tells me that if she gives up on the glibertarian stuff she might be able to cut down on the comfort food & syrup.


Susan of Texas said...

Does anyone take her seriously anymore? Is our work here done? Can we go home now? Pls?

bulbul said...

Tall econo-blogging is a "profession?
Hey, she gets paid, doesn't she?

Can we go home now?
What? Now? With all the fun we're having? Besides, I thought the point was to get her, you know, actually fired. So no, not yet.

And now I really want some pancakes. Come to think of it, I never actually had any...