Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Someone is "A Little Confused"

Hey man, her words, not mine. She's understating, to be sure:

Everyone's hailing Obama's decision to suspend all Guantanamo trials for 120 days. But I thought the problem with Guantanamo was the people being held without trial. Khalid Sheikh Muhammed was being tried by the UCMJ, which as far as I know, is what you're supposed to use on enemy combatants accused of war crimes. Doesn't this just further prolong the incarceration of anyone who might be innocent?
Umm, anyone wanna answer this one for me? God, she's so uninformed it hurts.


Susan of Texas said...

I'd tell her to read Glenn Greenwald, but that would necessitate reading and thinking.

Anonymous said...

I think all those pancakes she's been scarfing down for the past week have somehow damaged her brain. She actually thinks that not guilty verdicts are possible at the Gitmo military tribunals. That could be the dumbest, mot naive thing she's ever written. Of course, her idea that Obama's top priority should be lowering the drinking age is pretty asinine too.

Anonymous said...

It does hurt. It hurts bad.

Megan, you ignorant slut. Stopping trials for 120 days is what I call "the first step" in decommissioning the place. The problem--as I know from my very special, private access to Jonathan Alter on MSNBC--is that, while many "suspects" are fairly obviously innocent, some are dangerous and have to handled--my term again--"carefully."

Stick to pancakes, dear.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wonderful - she doesn't even do pancakes right.

bulbul said...

Oh sweet Jesus, have you read some of the comments?

"Has it occurred to anybody that if we didn't have a place like Gitmo, most of the people currently there would have simply been shot?
They are alive because Rummy's DOD believed they had information worth extracting."

Quick, someone call the Nobel Peace Prize committee!

Anonymous said...

Greenwald takes her to task for this idiocy in his column this morning.