Sunday, October 21, 2007

Personal Responsibility Taken

Ms. McA. knows she'll be getting Seasonal Affective Disorder. Thus, she must have had it before. But has she previously bothered to do anything about it? Has she consulted a physician for lighting advice?

Meanwhile, the heat and the extended daylight savings time have so far kept the SAD away, but I know it's coming as soon as my body catches up to the calendar. Do those light things work, and are they worth the expense?
No, it's a search (well, "bleg") for anecdotal information, not for evidence, as might be found at a medical website, or from a medical professional. No wonder health care is so screwed up. Americans just can't be bothered w/ taking care of themselves.

Also: Does "the heat" keep SAD away? 'Cause then you'd just need a heatlamp, right? And if "those light things" work, aren't they a priori worth the expense?

And the true glibertarian response to all this would be, "Shut up, suck it up, it's all in your head, stop whining, just be happy, don't expect any sympathy from me, you're lazy & you just want to sit around watching soap operas instead of increasing the productivity of my company & maximizing my profits, you're fired, slacker!"

Elements of Style©: Of course, we may not even be talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's a good idea, when using acronyms, to use the full phrase the first time you type it, & then save keystrokes w/ the acronym after the readers know what you're typing about.

Pop Psychology: "Oh, look at me! I got a boo-boo riding my bike! (Here's a picture, see?) Poor me! I get SAD every winter! I can't find clothes in my size! I know I have a cross to bear, but does it have to be so heavy?" Who's it all about? Megan, of course. Comatose, brain damaged children getting financial help their entrepreneurial parents qualify for? Not so much. Could lead to socialism & its corollary, laziness, y'know.


Anonymous said...

Despite some actual substantive criticisms, posts like this are incredibly petty and actually detract from your ongoing campaign against Megan. Another thing that detracts from your personal anti-Megan jihad is that you don't even attempt to be impartial or give Megan the benefit of the doubt. You are a pedantic, nit -picking axe-grinder. This is a pity because, like I said, some of your criticisms are indeed valid

Fishbone McGonigle said...

Well then just take the good with the bad and shut the fuck up.