Thursday, January 15, 2009

Attack of the Bearclaw

One of the more annoying things about going to McArde's site on a daily basis is the visual and intellectual assaults the marketing geniuses of The Atlantic have decided to bombard their visitors with. Apparently their "Obvious question written in randomly-located neon sign" promotion is something they plan to stick with. It's bad enough that they think such a garish attempt at edginess is something to run with, but they also insist on out stupiding their premise with the dumbest questions on earth. For example:

"Is the doughnut doomed?" er, sorry, I meant "IS THE DOUGHNUT DOOMED?" Yes, cause nothing says "Think. Again." like screaming, in bright white neon, about the fate of the fucking donut.

Also, "donut" is the correct Americans spelling. Fuck Webster. I bow to Dunkin' Donuts before I bow to stodgy old English dudes that wanna tell me how ta speak. If you're gonna be all post-modern at least get the fucking vernacular right.



Anonymous said...

Will she post about Obama's stimulus package today, now that details are out? I think she might but I'll bet dimes to do***nuts that she'll begin the post by linking to some one else's thoughts about it rather than reading the summary herself and then coming up with her own ideas about it. She'd never take that risk.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think The Atlantic has sunk as low as it can go, I'm exposed to the topics they now think are edgy and attention-grabbing. At least it's not yet another essay stealing Neil Postman's thesis wholesale and just slapping on some new technology.

Also I have to point that I want to fall over in a fit of laughter every time I see that a magazine affiliated with Megan McArdle and Andrew "Bell Curve" Sullivan is urging me to "think."

M. Bouffant said...

It's hip! It's ed-gee™! It's blinky!!

Like the adverts they ran for a mutual fund or the like a yr. or so back, that had a disconcerting strobe effect. No recollection of the financial firm (Good ad! The irritating one you can't remember.) but I'd bet $$$ 2 do***nuts that they've gone under w/ the rest of 'em by now.

Anonymous said...

Do Larvae Laff?