Friday, January 23, 2009

How Can Megan Live W/ Herself?

Apparently one of The Atlantic's corporate cousins is Government Executive. Oh, the irony. 

Does Atlantic Media hope to get Supermarket Manager Monthly off the ground soon?


bulbul said...

She cracks me up, seriously. It's not that she doesn't have a clue what she's talking about, that's just another day at Atlantic. What's really funny - and ironic - is that if there is any area of human endeavour that can forever demolish all Randian delusions about the superiority of businessmen, it's IT. IT sucks or doesn't suck depending on people who run it. Even in the best and largest IT companies, IT (and it's not just websites, btw) can be really fucked up. The IT infrastructure in the giant IT company I deal with every day sucks koala's dick. Oh the stories I could tell you, like that time they got this Polish virus... And yet, they haven't failed and even seem to prosper. Now explain that to me, Ms. Econoblogger.
Oh and as for Dreamweaver, I showed this to a coder friend of mine. He's a PHP guru and uses vim.

Susan of Texas said...

Wait a second--didn't McArdle just write two posts on how much government employees suck?