Thursday, January 3, 2008


What on earth is an agnotheist? I [sic]* hear you cry. It's an agnostic who puts a very, very low--yet non-zero!--value on P(God).
So an agnotheist is an agnostic who believes in God but questions His omnipotence? That... still doesn't make sense.
I'm going to call an agnotheist someone who doesn't want to hold themselves to the demands of their personal spiritual beliefs, but still wants to call themselves religious for credit in the minds of others. Like a "left libertarian" who can't seem to stand, or ever agree with, the left, but trusts the military and corporations.

*- I'm not quite sure where to put that [sic], but read that quote aloud and tell me the question mark shouldn't be a comma.


Unknown said...

the correct answer is = Ag No3 as in the chemical compound.

Viagra Online said...

What the hell is that? There's no way to say that you believe in God but don't believe on his omnipotence and label you as an agnostic! that is a contradiction of the size of the world!