Thursday, January 17, 2008

Digging out

My little mid-week holiday left behind an avalanche of shit to deal with. And we begin with shorters.

Department of awful statistics: Megan is the MSM fact checker. Krugman, in particular, should be worried by Megan's new focus. He's only got 4 days left till the Bush gravy train gives out.

Pod people: Fuck you, I'm not listening to any Megan podcasts. That bloggingheads bit with Yglesias nearly killed me.

Whisper campaign: Did you hear that Hillary seduced Yasser Arafat's wife as part of the plot to kill Vince Foster so her lesbian cocaine cartel could remain undiscovered by everyone but Megan and Pat Robertson? Megan's case of Clinton derangement syndrome is progressing unimpeded.

Things that make you go hmmmm:

The hardest thing for economists, when writing for a popular audience, is remembering all the things they didn't know before they were economists.
I'd submit this without comment, but Megan isn't an economist, so we have to ask what her excuse is.

The new new (old) thing: Have you heard about the hip new trend among young liberal parents? It's called Family Survivor, and whenever you have more than one kid you can play it by leaving them outside until one dies.
Slightly more seriously, read this whole post, and notice Megan refers to pro-choice folk as "we", but says this;
The visceral revulsion against scraping a fetus out of your womb is very, very strong. Most people believe that a fetus is something very close to a baby, which makes almost all of the slogans the movement deploys sound kind of stupid. Yet we keep deploying them because so many pro-choicers, especially the young coastal ones who provide the movement's energy, have not really emotionally appreciated what it means to think that the thing inside her stomach is a baby.
This is just a bizarre post in many ways. If I had to guess, it seems like Megan is pissed at herself for being pro-choice, but I don't want to know why.

Up next, a focus on Megan's coverage of the primaries.

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Anonymous said...

Crap, she really is a completely condescending twit, isn't she? How in the hell would she know what "most" pro-choicers understand about the anti-abortion stance? I don't think anyone doesn't grasp the argument that some people believe it's wrong because they equate it with ending a human life.

And please, Megan. You're an MBA, not an economist. And not a very sharp or talented one at that.