Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yet another thing Megan actually wrote

I'll have more on the privilege post soon, but first this quote, from said post.

the immigrant construction workers I worked with at the WTC disaster recovery site enjoyed a considerably higher material standard of living than the scions of the upper-middle-class who populate the Northwest DC journowonk community.
Even trying to allow that maybe the construction workers had bigger tv sets or lots of free stuff donated to them ...... no. No, no, no.
Even allowing for the fact precious few make any real money in journalism, no.
Unless of course those immigrants were unionized labor with good mob ties. In which case that's like looking at The New Yorker for evidence The Atlantic still employs proofreaders, let alone fact checkers and research assistants.

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spencer said...

Well, the construction workers actually produce something of value, so perhaps that explains it . . .