Monday, January 28, 2008

Which do you care less about?

What a powerless figurehead who's been set up by various interests to take the fall for their greedy rampage through history has to say,
or Megan's responses to him?
I can't be assed with either, but neither can I ignore this

Hillary Clinton is, one can't help but notice, making sure the cameras catch her hugging every minority in the room.
Will no one stop Hillary's racist campaign to acknowledge the existence of people who are not white?
Megan, if you ever think we're being petty in our treatment of you here, just think of this moment. And when you try to dismiss us as misogynists, ask yourself what's between Hillary's legs, asshole.


It actually gets worse.
The speculation on who tonight's SOTU special guest stars will be is growing to a fever pitch here at Stately McArdle Manor. Best guess so far: Heath Ledger's family.
HAH, that guy's dead! Hahahahahahahahaha, dead guy with a young daughter, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Man, she's good.
Or not good, what's that thing that means the opposite of good... Megan McArdle. Yep, she's Megan McArdle, and sometimes I think that's punishment enough.


Anonymous said...

Heath Ledger's family? Does she actually think that's funny? Because these people that made an exhausting trip from Australia to bury a person they loved probably didn't have a stop in Washington DC on their itinerary on their way to take his body back home, even in the unlikely event that a politician would see that scenario as an advantage.

But hey, laugh it up. It's just so hilarious!

M. Bouffant said...

Another John Gibson, isn't she?

And just how is it that Sen. Clinton "makes sure" that the cameras catch her "embracing minorities?" Unless we see her searching for the red light on the cameras, & then jockeying for position while embracing, this is completely unfounded. It might be possible to whine about the "biased liberal media" showing Sen. C. at her vicious game, but to accuse her of making sure the cameras show her is just as stupid as anything else McM types.

Indeed, there's very little difference between her "live blogging" & her non-live, you'd think they might be proofed or edited or at least re-read items.

Anonymous said...

I think in Meganland, nobody would ever hug a minority unless there was political or monetary gain at stake. Why would anyone touch one of those awful brown people unless they were getting something out of it?