Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Crystal & A Hippie New Year

I've been awfully busy w/ the agony of human existence & the possible death (it's in one hell of a coma as I type) of my ethernet card-equipped devil-box, which has reduced me to dial-up & put quite a strain on my Internet existence (the only "existence" I am having). Here on the left coast we have an hour until the totally meaningless & arbitrary commencement of yet another 366 days of aaaagh! I'm going to run out to the Liquor Mart for some butts so I may smoke in the New Year, & when I return, I shall peek @ MM's web log & see what can be mocked or abused, & then report directly to you, the reader.

Remember, New Year's Eve is for amateurs, losers who feel they have an excuse/obligation to make shitfaced fools of themselves. So don't pity anyone sitting in a nice warm room expressing himself. Even if he is alone & sober.

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