Friday, January 25, 2008

If you kind of squint, Hillary's a racist so you're a hypocrite.

Why isn't this a null set?

Democrats who believe that the GOP southern strategy is a defining moment that discredits the entire movement ∩ Democrats who think that the Clintons are very deliberately playing up Obama's race in order to drive white voters into Hillary's camp ∩ Democrats who will vote for Hillary Clinton in November once she secures the nomination.
Um, well, maybe it is. I mean, other than your ass, who has made those three statements? Care to link? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh man, I crack me up.

Okie, so let's just play along. Hmm, if Hillary catches the nomination she will face a republican. A republican. you know, a member of that party that openly endorses racist policies all over the fucking place? So, let's see, given the choice between someone who's prolly actually kind of well really at least a little RACIST or a woman who once did something maybe kind of racist if you squint just right, well, obviously you're a hypocrite for choosing the latter.

Which reminds me of something else I want to post about. It's not funny at all but I have to say it. WHY THE FUCK ARE LIBERTARIANS SUCH IDIOTS?!?! Seriously, it's ridiculous. I mean, if you just look at their straight up platform, less government regulation, equal rights, etc, I disagree with it but it's at least not evil. Then you go and actually meet a libertarian. He says he's for equal rights and low taxes. Ok. Then you check his priorities and LOW TAXES COME FIRST?!?!?!!?!!?! WTF is wrong with these people? They vote for Bush even though he wants to put the words "God hates fags" in the constitution because he's going to save them a few hundred bucks on their taxes. It's absurd. It's like they have just enough self awareness to know that being an openly greedy asshole is wrong, but not aware enough to know that half heartedly tacking on liberal social agendas doesn't actually fool anyone. God damn do I hate libertarians.

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