Friday, January 25, 2008

Um, other than the few million that read the NYT?

The saddest commentary on the Gaza breach:

How many Americans even knew about the Israeli cordon and the resulting humanitarian crisis in Gaza? When I tuned into the morning news yesterday, the BBC was covering the Gaza strip. Fox News was teaching people how to make homemade butterscotch pudding.
Hey, Megan, have you heard? Fox news isn't the best place to learn things. This story has been in the New York Times since it happened. I know this because that's the only paper I read. You hear that? I read ONE PAPER and I'm better informed than you. I don't even read it a lot of the time. I just read the headlines yet somehow I knew that Israel had blocked access to the Gaza strip.

Oh, and cunning analysis. You checked two news stations at a single point in time and while one had a serious peace, the other did not. BRILLIANT! Looking out the window I see a man smiling. HOW CAN HE SMILE WHILE GAZA IS BLOCKADED?!?!?! I'm going to go teach him a lesson!

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Anonymous said...

Wait, Megan watched TWO news programs yesterday and this means nobody else in the universe could possibly have heard about it because she barely had herself? Not to mention that they were specifically morning news programs, which are more often than not filled with fluff programming like recipes and celebrity interviews. What a dolt.