Friday, January 25, 2008

The aim of the internet has been reached. We can shut it down now.

Why Tide?:

I've decided that the internet was invented simply so that the most inane thing ever could be posited for public discussion by a paid journalist. We have found that thing:

Tyler Cowen asks how come it has a high market share, even though it's more expensive. Answer: it actually does seem to be better (and I'm generally a fan of generics.) Am I deluded? Any chemists in the audience?

And, I'd like to say that, as a chemist, I'm highly offended that Megan thinks she's actually be able to understand a single word about our profession.

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Raging Red said...

Tide is the only detergent I can't use, because I'm allergic to it (and weirdly, I'm not allergic to anything else whatsoever). When I wear clothes washed in Tide I get itchy all over. Just like when I read Megan McArdle.