Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A question for 'my' president

As an avid drug legalizer myself, I should like to see someone ask this question:
SenatorMr. President, you used cocaine and marijuana. Would it have been just and right for you to have been sentenced to multi-year prison terms under today's drug laws?
Has anyone actually said this?

No, Megan, to my knowledge, no one has. So let's ask the black guy about drugs, instead.
You've gotta love how she calls Obama her candidate, after this,
I was surprised at how hard I was rooting for Obama, given that this election feels a lot like being asked "So, which of the plagues of Egypt would you like to be consumed by?" Watching the primary returns surrounded by a vast horde of Obama supporters may have something to do with it, but by the end of the night, I was the most agitated one.
Congrats, Megan, you've achieved Village mind-meld with Chris Matthews. Now make a post about the Repubs asking whether McCain or Giuliani would make a better daddy figure.

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spencer said...

Maybe she should ask Bush this same question.