Thursday, January 3, 2008

Giving Up for Lent

Happy New Year! Or is it Lent?

It's just that every year, I try to give up some major dietary group for lent. I used to give up sugar, but in recent years I've sort of lost my sweet tooth, so this doesn't mean too much. Then I switched to meat, but since I switched to humanely raised meat, I don't eat enough of it for the dietary loss to register.
Again the rational human mind is boggled. All that "Lent" crap is to show the non-existent Elf From Outer Space how willing you are to preserve your spot in the line for Cosmic Post-Death Disneyland, isn't it? One of the few things tolerable about MM is the lack of religiosity that her keyboard vents. And I don't believe she's even of Catholic ancestry, it's some sort of Baptist offshoot, isn't it? (Links to every bit of miscellaneous Megan info I had are in the comatose devil-box.) But she still clings to vestiges of this superstition. What would the Supreme Objectivist say, other than remind Megan that she may be confusing New Year's Resolutions & Lent?

As far as an actual sacrifice, we turn to an earlier McItem, which seems to be saying we should all be buying more useless crap we don't need for some unfathomable reason. Consumption & growth, that's all we need, & the more the merrier. Will Megatron's self-described "crunchiness" (Really, is that a euphemism for selfish, well-off people who can afford high-dollar foodstuffs but are afraid that sustainability & renewability will cut into conspicuous consumption & leave them w/o a status leg on which to stand?) ever become anything more than an excuse to cook a lot of flavorless pap in the spare time she has 'cause she can't find a man who wants to be tied up to her, & give her giant elf children?

Elements of Style©:
This one is even worse than an English major using "ain't" as an emphasizer:

I love me some cheese.
Also, the correct form is "I loves me some..." Let's just not use this at all, unless we're making fun of rednecks & the whole thing is in dialect. Thank you.

Megastats for the New year:
So far, five items, three about econ, two about food, two w/o titles (still not recovered from the N. Y. Eve binge?) one in which pleas for a link to the blockquoted item had to be answered by a commenter. (It's all one big "bleg" w/ our gal, isn't it?)

Just Plain Stupid:

Oil has hit the long-awaited $100 a barrel. This excites television commentators. I don't find it particularly interesting; we would have reached this point years ago, if we had eight fingers.
An attempt at "humour," I suppose. The rest of the item is mercifully short, & the commentariat deals w/ her pretty well.

Speaking of the Megatariat, is it merely because the typical glibertarian is, at this time of year, on a vacation to the third world, "morally" exchanging goods for the sexual favors of young entrepreneurs in a non-coercive, unregulated environment, or have the Asymmetrical Information commenters turned a bit more in the direction of common sense & away from McSense? Perhaps we'll have to wait until next wk., when the pervs will be back in their cubicles, cheating their employers, to make a final, non-scientific determination.

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Anonymous said...

Crunchy people fall into two categories: those who make their consumer choices based on their conscience and in the hopes that certain parties will reap benefits from their actions. They are genuine in their motivations and don't expect anything in return. Then there are people like Megan, who have to constantly remind everyone around them of the selfless sacrifices they are making for others. Her continual harping about her "humanely killed" practices come off a little like the guy who endlessly reminds everyone at the fund raiser that he donated a lot of money (not that he's seeking recognition for it!).