Friday, March 7, 2008

And another one bites the dust

Last night, I drank a 40 of High Life, smoked a bunch of... tobacco, and took my pain medication. I went to sleep at 10pm.

The night before that I called my girlfriend, who's name is Meghan, a "fucking mor" after she shocked me by spilling beer on me. She managed to figure out that last syllable on her own. My apologies didn't exactly do the trick.

I showed her this blog. We talked on gchat a lot. When I misspelled her name as "megan," occasionally, she would get upset. "But you hate her so much!" she cried.

I don't hate Megan, nor Meghan, of course. I don't hate anyone. I hate a lot of ideas and my hatred for ideas often comes across as hatred for a person, but I don't hate anyone.

I started writing here just to see. As I mentioned, I'm chronically injured, and finding hobbies is a task. I figured, "Why not try writing?" I don't hate Megan's ideas as much as the rest of the family, but hey, that'd only make it more fun and challenging, right?

Well, I've never called someone a "fucking mor" before, unless I meant it. I think that it is difficult not to brainwash yourself in a situation like this, especially for one who was already a bit persnickety to begin with. It is difficult for me, anyway. I think this endeavor, pursued with such regularity, is exacerbating some of the worst parts of my personality.

Perhaps I will pop in from time to time, but I think I'll try and get my own thing going with most of my free time. Perhaps I can channel my energy to something that is more the cut of my jib.

But it's been fun, and thanks to the two of that left me positive feed back. I'll keep my eye on the blog, pop in from time to time, maybe post some cat porn and links to other things I try to write, but I'm not going to obsess anymore.

Enjoy refreshing time!

PS Meghan, you're not a fucking mor.

PPS Megan, you kind of are, but, really, it's okie. We still love you.


brad said...

Oh noes! I'm in vacation mellow and just not feeling the snark, too. I hope M.'s intermittent hiatus isn't too intense the rest of the week.

brad said...

Oh yah, n sorry to see you go, which is no less genuine for the remembered necessity of saying so.

M. Bouffant said...

Jeez, look at the destruction that merely reading Megan w/ a critical eye leaves in its wake: Spencer reduced to a gibbering idiot (well, a regular commenter, but unable to put up w/ McA. enough to deal w/ her) NoT's love life ruined, me rendered homeless.
Let's hope brad doesn't succumb to the curse of Megatron.
Nutella, you're pretty funny, please drop by occasionally, if brad hasn't already cut off your posting privileges.

NutellaonToast said...

yeah, I'm sure I'll drop in occasionally. :)

spencer said...

Some would argue I was a gibbering idiot before I ever even heard of Megan McArdle.