Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Megan goes up, Megan goes down

(Travel day redux makes me late to the party.)
Before we get to Megan's words on the topic, since I've defended Spitzer in the past it'd probably be good to say I have a problem with him here for two reasons. One, prostitution involves giving money to women, and here at FMM we recognize this as a bad thing. Two, as a former AG Spitzer should know that prostitution in the US is fundamentally exploitative of women, primarily but by no means exclusively because it's illegal. One detail that will matter to me is the nature of the prostitution ring, whether the pro was one of those mythical empowered Whores of Mensa or a Wire season 2 style all but sex slave. Prostitution should be legal and very carefully regulated for the welfare of the women involved, so what matters to me is the individual situation, whether the woman is there of her own free will, working for her own financial betterment, or is being used by someone besides the john. We'll see what the case is here.
M. covered round one of Megan's extended "Spitz takes" (Her failed joke, plz don't kill me.) but unfortunately there's several dozen more, or at least it feels that way. She even reduced herself to copying my poor copy of a format S,N! more creatively copied from a guy who copied and refined the work of another guy. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, not that important, except right this moment.) And so we have...

Shorter Spitzer takes: Fuck the brief and desperately unfunny content of the post, why are you still reading FMM, Megan? Are you that narcissistic? We genuinely don't think well of you.

Spitzer resigns:

Or so say various websites, reporting what they've heard on Fox News and the radio. No wire service reports yet, but I expect there will be in a few minutes.
Another milestone in the storied history of The Atlantic. She hasn't even updated the post, as of about 9 hours later.

Best Spitzer Instant message: Apparently lacking a soul gives you a shallow, hacky sense of humor. ... Yeah, fine, then you explain it.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Spitzer: Megan might be onto something here. Maybe Spitzer was being influenced by the whores he frequented to bust their competitors. He's always working against the free market, it seems.

Eliot Spitzer not resigning--yet:
He was supposed to submit his resignation letter to the state senate at 7:00, but now his attorneys are demurring--Fox News says that they don't want to give up "their biggest bargaining chip". Divine: Sir Spitzer, Protector of the Individual Investor, thinks the governor's office is a bargaining chip. And federal prosecutors are supposed to make a plea bargain to let him off in exchange for his resignation. This does not seem like a good negotiating tactic with an office that has the power to march you out of that office in cuffs.

Update The more I think about this, the more horrifying it is. If he'd just resigned, I would have said they should let him go with community service and his everlasting humiliation--but now I kind of think they should frog-march him out with his hands cuffed behind his back and throw him in the cooler for whatever the maximum penalty is.
None of this rancor is because Spitzer is making her look bad by having the temerity to not resign when she said he did. How could Megan and Fox News both be wrong?

Okay, just one more Spitzer post: One more until you wake up in the mornin and he still hasn't resigned and you go into Nixonwatch mode, giving hourly updates and quoting Britt Hume frequently, you mean, Megan.

Fire Megan McArdle, for her own sake. She's just embarrassing herself.


Anonymous said...

"Spitzer swallows."

LOL, that is so funny! Well, not as funny as it was when I heard it in an Austin Powers movie ten years ago. Come to think of it, it's about as funny as watching Beavis chuckle after meeting a guy named "Dick."

And I bet his family just loves seeing jokes like that in the Atlantic Monthly. They used to have to wait for a Jay Leno monologue.

M. Bouffant said...

Still waiting for her impassioned calls for the immediate resignations of Sens. Vitter & Craig. Oh, they didn't threaten Wall Street? Well, never mind.
This is truly the most hypocritical bull I've seen from her yet, & I haven't even read anything other than the first two items yesterday.