Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Come for the 2x4 jokes, stay for the high minded discourse

In the comments section of her latest threat of censorship:

I do not concede that profanity and name-calling are vital parts of the public discourse; if you require them in order to have a good discussion, then this probably isn't the blog for you.
I do not concede that you are not a fucking retarded bitch who needs to have her head examined so we can figure out "what mistakes were made" in creating such an awful, empahtyless, egotistical steaming pile of dogshit.

Couple other things I want to point out to our gargantuan mistress:

1) Just because you don't say "ass" doesn't make you civil

2) Being in your thirties and claiming to not know just how big a 2x4 is, is REALLY FUCKING STUPID

3) Saying a blog is a "family blog" doesn't mean there is reason not to curse there. Most of my family is already innured to the effects of the f-word, because we don't live in the clouds. If your family is of the age for when such an expression is inappropriate, they're smarter than to read your drivel.

4) Saying that you have a high IQ does not shield you from being called a moron. Smart people are morons all the fucking time. GW got a 12 or 1300ish on the SATs before they were recentered, which puts him in the 80th percentile at least, I'm sure. If you operate based on bias rather than reasoning, you're still a moron even if you can suck yourway through an MBA program at UChicago. (I'm getting fed up. I'm going there again).

5)Finally, and this is for all the libertarians out there, when you have the solution before you know the problem.. YOU'RE A FUCKING MORON

Solution: Less government interference
Problem: Coal miners are forcing 12 year old immigrants to work 3,000 hour weeks

Solution: Less government interference
Problem: My wife is sleeping around

Solution: Less government interference
Problem: A financial crisis similar to what caused the great depression is pending due to the banking sector's ability to find end-arounds for the regulations put in place to prevent future occ... oh fuck it.

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Clever Pseudonym said...

Sorry to harp on this, but it's practically morbid how cluelessly condescending she is. Oh, Megan, you poor thing, it must be sooooo hard being the only person blogging who is capable of civil discourse, despite all of your earnest and pleading efforts to get all the other dumb puppies to play nice. That "anger management" post where she gives the patronizing lecture to the left, right, and center was astounding in its arrogance and self-congratulatory importance. We have to find a way to de-escelate the hostilities!

Fuck you, Megan. De-escelate this, you condescending moron. I wouldn't waste too much time calling out your critics. You have enough self-love to more than make up for anyone who doesn't like you.