Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Crying Game? Or, A Rude Surprise

I've never been one to pick on Ann Coulter because she's a stork- (or stick-) like figure, nor have I much mocked Ms. McArdle cause she's mighty tall & doesn't have much junk in her trunk (other than heartlessly turning her "overgrown elf" self-reference on her every so often) but it may be time to bring the issue up, based on this:

To be sure, women get some compensating advantages--I probably get invited to speaking engagements and so forth that I wouldn't get if I were a woman. But we pay for that by enduring condescension and criticism that would never be directed towards a man. I can't say whether this ends up accruing to my net benefit or loss--but I sure wish I didn't have to think about it at all.
(Emphasis mine.)

At the very least this again calls into question her self-editing abilities. Which call into question her typing & researching abilities. And the whole concept of her being employed as anything besides a copy machine operator.

As to "net benefit or loss," seems about even. She is invited when she wouldn't be were she not a woman (assuming that's what she meant, we'll give the benefit of the doubt here) but then she's condescended to & criticized. Let's just say that a male human who typed some of the stuff she has would be criticized just as roundly. Condescension? Pretty much the same deal. Really, most of her typing is not gender-based or oriented, save the occasional "it's tough to find decent clothes when you're a woman over six feet" item, & I'm sure it is, just not necessarily gist for The Atlantic's Voices. In my not so humble opinion.

The Big Malig adds (1917 EST):
Mlle. McA. has fixed this one...unlike so many of the other errors that have been brought to her attention. Maybe she is a bit worried about her gender identity.

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