Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm shocked!!!

Megan, today, admits that she doesn't feel that icky libertarian itch with the Bear bail-out. SHOCK-O-FUCKING-LA.

I actually kind of agree with her; it'd be pretty awful if the Bear shit hit the fan in the woods and all of the credit industry went to pieces. Of course, she can make me hate her even when we agree. How come she knee jerk says "the borrowers must lose their homes or else ARMAGEDDON SOCIALISM STARVATION EVERYONE DIES OMG PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY" but is only mildly qualmed by the bailout of a large corporate entity, the brunt of the pain of which will be felt by people other than the ones who created the gigantic fucking mess? I think this is the point where Brad w0uld use the words "shill," "corporate" and "whore" in a sentence. Usually, when he does that, I think he might be going a tad too far. Now, I'm starting to see what the smelly hippie is saying.

No links, cause I allegedly quit.


Anonymous said...

Please don't quit.

spencer said...

Everybody quits eventually.

M. Bouffant said...

Hey, Spencer, you wimp, I'm still here even though my devil-box died on me & then I was rendered homeless. (No direct connection, it's just been that kind of year.) But the occasional day or three off is vital to the mental health.(Mine being quite precarious.) And let's not hear any excuses about jobs or school.