Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Suspicious Activity All Over

One wonders what Megan thinks of the gov't.'s Suspicious Activity Report:

The bank then, as is required by law, filed an SAR, or Suspicious Activity Report, with the Internal Revenue Service, reporting the transfer of the money that exceeded $10,000, but had been broken down into smaller amounts, the sources said.

"The bank did the right thing," said one source familiar with the situation. The name of the bank could not immediately be determined.

But the source added that "we then got lucky" in singling out Spitzer and the prostitution ring.
After all, it's Spitzer's money, he should be able to do what he wants w/ it. Same w/ women willing to be honest about what they'll do for money, etc. If Spitzer hadn't threatened Wall St. con artists & cheats, I doubt Mlle. McArdle would have a word to say on the subject. How painfully obvious.

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