Friday, March 14, 2008

Blake, you're my hero.

I don't know why I ever wrote a word myself. There are plenty of people out there that are writing that I can just block quote. This is an awesome job.

Megan says she doesn't want to be a prostitute. Commenter Blake suggests that she reconsider.

I'm with Will and Kerry, I think you need to rethink your career opportunities vis a vis prostitution. I know here at The Atlantic you love shilling for Wall Street and the Republican party, and I hope it pays off for you so you end up at Cato one day. But why not go all the way? If you really have no principles, which you don't, why bother going to all the trouble of writing your hare-brained opinions down--usually full of typos and non sequiturs--and start making money with your body rather than your (feeble) mind?

The masses are catching on

Update I:

Ohh, and brooksfoe, a perennial favorite, comes in with a blow:

Your gut is not a good replacement for reasoning from first principles.

"Reasoning from first principles" is not a good way of going about thinking about human sexual relations. I reasoned from first principles about sex when I was 19. It made me an asshole. By the time you're in your thirties, hopefully, you've started to figure out how people work a little better. One of the things you discover is that actually, in this particular arena, men and women are rather different, and being "fair" means trying to accommodate those differences, not treating everyone alike.

Update II

David Ross says:

I invoke Godwin's Law on this: "White people in the south were also genuinely repulsed by the idea of drinking from a water fountain that a black person had touched."

If you have a point to make, Ms McArdle, then make it. Don't insult us by making Jim Crow comparisons.

Oh, and you're Hitler.

Update III

Miande magnanimously decides to educate Megan on why prostitution can't be "reasoned from first principles"
Meagan: if you authentically require instruction on something so elementary, first spit out the chewing gum


Anonymous said...

I like the guy who called her out for pontificating about prostitution and other vices from her Ivory Perch. There's nothing like watching a spoiled, pampered, upper middle class rich brat who genuinely believes they are living outside of some privileged bubble try and opine about an underbelly they've never witnessed in their life (Trainspotting doesn't count, Megan).

rickm said...

Where was I!?!??!

NutellaonToast said...

I know, and I left out my own comments too, I made this post back when there were only 32 comments as opposed to 85. Funny how Megan's most popular post is about prostitution.

God fucking damn it, and now I'm two comments deep in that thread and I've posted here AND MOTHERFUCKING WHORE I TRY TO GET OUT BUT THEY PULL ME BACK IN.

rickm said...

i meant, where was I while a 70+ post was up? now im back in the game.

M. Bouffant said...

"First Principles" my ass. Are those like "Natural Law?"

NoT: Good idea.